Proposals for Establishing Authorship 1-4



Photo: Niko Nurmi


Photo: Niko Nurmi

oakalo group portrait

2015 Proposals for Establishing Authorship 1-4, Oakalo – group, LARU15. Nordic Environmental Art Exhibition, Finland

Working group: Suvi Ermilä, Pia Grüter, Thomas Heib, Riikka Keränen, Pia Lindman, Niko Nurmi, Emilio Zamudio-Murillo. We are an international group of artists working together to bring to a wider discussion the ethical and social implications of working with living beings for the purposes of art, business, or activism.

Can we claim authorship or ownership over life forms found in nature? Do business associations such as companies have more social and environmental agency than individuals? Can we invest in the distant future and develop without materially growing? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves and others, using old and new biotechnologies and resources from contemporary art, activism, the legislative system and market economy.