Comic strips


At The Comics Festival

Comics for sale / Oh God / Please don’t buy that one!!

Stripit_residenssi kahvilla

The Recidency

Nice to be abroad on my own. Spiritual growth, relaxing.. / You really get to know yourself. You draw more.

Stripit_Poikkeustila,porukat2 cmyk

State of emergency

Okay, yeah… That’s the way it is.. What a shame.. / So the summer visit with Järviset is now cancelled… And I guess we can’t meet Lahtiset either. / Might be that we can’t meet them in the whole year! What a shame!


In May. In the summer I’m going to study French, farm useful plants, visit Suomenlinna and… / In July

Stripit_meditaatio copyMeditation

And close your eyes. Look within yourselves / Take a look around… / And you may open your eyes

Stripit_te toimistoUnemployment Office

What was the salary in your previous job? / As a visual artist? / For my previous work of art I took a loan of 2000 euros