My Revolution

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My Revolution (2015), with Anne-Mari Oikarinen, audio installation with printed booklet, Gallery Acud, Berlin, Germany


I’m calling you                                                            

I shake your hands

I kiss the ground beneath your feet

And say, “I’d die for you”


أشد على أياديكم..

أبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم

وأقول: أفديكم

Tawfiq Ziad


In 2013 we met a Syrian poet who was one of the first to protest against the regime and demand democratic reforms in the streets of Daraa. Through him we got to know many other people who were willing to give up a lot for the values they believed in. We got interested in asking: “What are the causes people are willing to stand up for and what is the price when doing so?” In the gallery space there were eight different stories dealing with people’s thoughts on revolution.